Battle Royale 2014

Could you kill your best friend? Do you have what it takes to take down 49 other players in a terrifying game of stealth, cunning and luck? ArcadeCon’s Battle Royale tournament returns and new contestants are welcome to apply now!

Send your details including full name, date of birth, a visible photograph in an email to

You can check out the rules below:

  • You must pre-register for this game! After you sign up for Battle Royale you have 30 days to pre-register to reserve your place! If you do not register your place is not guaranteed and you could lose your spot in the game!
  • Players must be 16yrs old+ at the time of ArcadeCon 2014
  • The game is being organised by one person – the BR Games Master, he will handle all disputes and his decision is final!
  • You must attend the convention for the entire weekend, day passes will not suffice to play this game!
  • Photographs MUST BE included in your e-mail and look something like a passport photo. Clear, with a plain background behind you. Please do not alter your appearance (if you wear glasses daily then please wear them in your photo)
  • You are not to harm another player or act towards them in aggressive manner.
  • Your Battle Royale collar and tag must be worn AT ALL TIMES!
  • You are allowed to cosplay but you are not allowed obstruct/hide your face or your tags! If you are cosplaying you cannot conceal your tag/collar
  • You may leave the game at any stage but you must hand in your tags and envelope to the Games Master!
  • To ‘kill’ your target you have to simply inform they have been caught and show them their picture and take their envelope and dog-tags from them.
  • After the Battle Royale packs are handed out on Friday night there will be a ONE HOUR SAFE period and no player can be killed!
  • This year Danger Zones will be enforced if a player remains stationed in one spot for too long – the objective of this is to prevent campers!
  • Each day there will be three check-ins – failure to sign in at these times will result in annihilation from the game!
  • Check-in times will grant ALL players a 30minute safe time! No player can be killed for the duration of the Safe Time..
  • Once you’ve killed your target you MUST inform the Games Master and hand in the tags of your victim straight away!
  • Players must keep their BR packs on them at all times – if your target does not have their pack please inform the Games Master and you will be given a new pack!
  • If you lose your targets picture please inform the Games Master straight away.
  • If a dispute arises between players please contact the Games Master!
  • This game is not open to Convention Staff
  • There are only FIFTY spaces available!
  • Cheating or breaking any of the rules above will lead to automatic disqualification

These rules are subject to change, please see the forums for updated BR rules.

Battle Royale Entry Details


  1. Martin Donnelly

    are there any places left or is it still open to apply?

    1. Declan

      Still places Martin – you can apply by sending a mail to and our GM will take care of you!

  2. Codie

    Just wondering if there are any places left?… I know I kind of left it late…. :/

  3. Melanie

    when is this event?


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